Scardelletti Attends Labor Reception at the Residence of the Vice President

VPReceptionTCU President Bob Scardelletti attended a labor reception held for labor leaders at the residence of Vice President Joe Biden (D-DE). President Scardelletti had the opportunity to discuss several important TCU issues.

“Labor had a large part in the last election. I am pleased that the issues TCU have are taken seriously, the voices in our great union are being heard in Washington,” said TCU President Scardelletti.

“On a personal level, Biden is a great guy! He is a true working man from the working class who understands the problems of everyday Americans because he experienced them himself,” continued Scardelletti.

The above picture taken by President Scardelletti is Vice President Biden speaking to the labor leaders at the reception.
Pictured below; TCU President Bob Scardelletti and Vice-President Joe Biden shaking hands at the reception.

RAS and Biden

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