November 5 Begins National Week of Action on Healthcare

Health care reform is the No. 1 priority in Congress right now for the first time in years.  

Insurance companies are spending millions to derail reform and special interests are trying to pay for changes by raising your costs through a new benefits tax. Call Congress and tell them no taxes on our benefits.

Over the next few weeks Senate and House leadership will be preparing for the first full floor votes on health care reform.  We are the closest we have ever been to real health care reform.  It is fraught with danger as we will face severe fights in our campaign to ensure fair financing, a public option and an employer mandate.  We must all engage in the effort to make sure that this legislation reflects the priorities of our members.

TCU has joined with all unions of the AFL-CIO in this fight, calling on you for your assistance in a national mobilization of TCU members to call on Congress to pass real health insurance reform Thursday, November 5, 2009 (and throughout the entire week).  The goal is to generate thousands of phone calls to members of Congress demanding urgent action.

Click here to view the TCU week of action flyer.

Click here to write Congress and demand health care reform.

Click here to send a letter to Congress in support of a public option.

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