TCU & IAM District 19 safety survey on “Precision Scheduled Railroading”

Source: Labor Notes

Today, TCU and the IAM’s District 19 are announcing the rollout of a survey tool for union members to tell their stories with regards to the safety impacts of “Precision Scheduled Railroading” (PSR), the Class 1’s new operating model. The goal of this survey is to collect data and information on unsafe practices being deployed, and how our members’ health and safety might be put at risk.

Click HERE to fill out the Precision Scheduled Railroading Worker Safety Survey

“After hearing a number of concerns from our members and local leaders regarding the safety implications of PSR on rank-and-file railroaders, our unions decided the best way to collect and convey these safety and operational concerns is to offer an easy form for our members to tell their stories,” said IAM District 19 President Mike Perry.

“The PSR model is disrupting train movements and shop crafts across the country, with different adaptations being utilized by all of our nation’s Class 1 railroads. Whether you’re a clerk, machinist, carman, supervisor, or another craft, we want our members to have the ability to tell their stories and blow the whistle on any safety issues that might arise,” said TCU National President Bob Scardelletti.

How we will use this information: Once collected, the primary audience of this information and data will be legislators as well as regulators at the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) and the Surface Transportation Board (STB). Please note that information provided will be scrubbed of ANY identifying information prior to usage, as the privacy and security of our members information is always paramount. Furthermore, any information provided in this survey will NOT get back to employers or management.

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