RRB Releases Strategic Plan for 2014 thru 2018

The Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) recently released a Strategic Plan, for the years 2014 through 2018. The RRB has a long and distinguished history of excellent customer service, and this plan continues that tradition by calling for the attainment and maintenance of high levels of accuracy and timeliness in paying retirement, survivor, unemployment and sickness insurance benefits. A major reason for this has been the expanded use of technology to improve efficiency. The aim of the RRB is to build upon these achievements and improve customer service and satisfaction.

The RRB’s mission is to administer retirement/survivor and unemployment/sickness insurance benefit programs for railroad workers and their families under the Railroad Retirement Act (RRA) and the Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act (RUIA). These programs provide income protection during old age and in the event of disability, death or temporary unemployment and sickness. The RRB also administers aspects of the Medicare program and has administrative responsibilities under the Social Security Act and the Internal Revenue Code.

Click here to read the full release from the RRB.

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