Message from the Labor Member of the Railroad Retirement Board, John Bragg – COVID-19 Impact on the RRB

Message from the Labor Member of the Railroad Retirement Board, John Bragg

The purpose of this notice is to update you on how COVID-19 is impacting operations at the Railroad Retirement Board (RRB).  Be assured, while it is not business as usual, the agency remains open for business.  Listed below are some of the more notable changes.  Hopefully this message will include more detailed information for you and your members.

Field Service Operations:

Last week, my office sent a press release to rail labor advising that field offices are closed to the public.  A copy of that release is linked here for your reference.  Whenever possible, agency personnel, including field personnel, are working from home.  Unfortunately, we expect delays with processing incoming work because as you know, much of our work is not automated.  We receive applications and claims for both unemployment and sickness by mail and by fax.  Because of safety concerns surrounding COVID-19, staff is only going into the office or to the post office on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Self-Service Options:

Because of our concern regarding the delay in processing paper applications and claims, we are encouraging railroaders to set up accounts on the website.  I have attached information here about all the services available through that account.  Please feel free to share with your memberships.  With that account, an employee can file for and submit claims for unemployment.  A railroader can also submit sickness claims, though not the initial application.  Usually, an initial sickness application is either mailed or faxed in from the employee’s doctor’s office to the agency at (312) 751-7185.  If an employee is unable to do that or if delays persist, please contact my office at (312) 751-4905 and my staff will assist you in any way they can.

Benefit Payments:

We have received questions regarding the continuation of retirement and disability benefits.  Fortunately,  that is overall an automated process and we do not expect any delays in paying those already established benefits.  In addition, our actuary has assured us that the rail trust funds are well-positioned to pay all retirement, survivor, unemployment and sickness benefits.  We are actively addressing questions regarding benefits payable under the RUIA and special circumstances raised by COVID-19.

Legislative Changes:

Related to legislative changes, there have been Congressional proposals to: remove sequestration from unemployment and sickness benefits; waive the statutory 7-day waiting period for unemployment and sickness benefits; increase the amount of unemployment benefits; and extend the duration of unemployment benefits.  There have also been proposals to increase the RRB’s administrative budget in order to account for increased costs related to COVID-19.  My staff, along with the agency’s Office of Legislative Affairs and other agency subject matter experts, have worked with Congressional staffers as well as your unions to convey the information needed in order for the legislation to move forward.

These are trying times and the agency is doing its best to continue to pay the right people, the right benefits, at the right time.  Things are changing quickly and I will update you in the future as the RRB makes adjustments.  In the meantime, if you have any questions or problems, I and my staff are always available to assist.

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