National Railroad Retirement Investment Trust (NRRIT)

Railroad Retirement assets are managed and invested by the National Railroad Retirement Investment Trust, on which International Vice President Joel Parker serves (see story below).

Quarterly reports:

Annual reports:

To learn more about the NRRIT, go to the website (this takes you away from TCU’s site, so be sure to hit the back button to return to when you have finished).

IVP Parker Serves as Labor Trustee of NRRITparker_tcu.jpg

The National Railroad Retirement Investment Trust was established in 2001 TCU International Vice President Joel Parker was elected as a trustee for a three year term and subsequently reelected for each succeeding three year term thereafter, including October 2013 for the three year term starting January 1 2014. The vote was taken by representatives of the unions of the Cooperating Railway Labor Organizations group.  The NRRIT,  created as part of the 2001 landmark railroad retirement improvements legislation, manages Railroad Retirement assets and invests them in a diversified portfolio to achieve maximum profits while maintaining the system’s security.


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