Railroad Retirement

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  • Railroad Retirement July 13, 2016

    Unemployment and Sickness Benefits for Railroad Employees

    The Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) administers the Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act, which provides two kinds of benefits for qualified railroaders: unemployment benefits for those who become unemployed but are ready, willing and able to work; and sickness benefits for those who are unable to work because of sickness or injury. Sickness benefits are also payable

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  • News , Railroad Retirement June 24, 2016

    New Benefit Year Begins July 1 for Railroad Unemployment and Sickness Benefits

    A recent release from the Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) states: A new benefit year under the Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act begins July 1, 2016. The maximum daily benefit rate payable for claims remains at $72 in the new benefit year. Benefits are normally paid for the number of days of unemployment or sickness over four

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  • Railroad Retirement June 17, 2016

    RRB Release – Dual Benefit Payments

    The payment of a railroad retirement annuity can be affected by entitlement to social security benefits, as well as certain other government benefits. Such dual entitlement, if not reported to the Railroad Retirement Board (RRB), can result in benefit overpayments which have to be repaid, sometimes with interest and penalties. The RRB has released a

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  • Railroad Retirement May 6, 2016

    Railroad Retirement Age Reductions

    In a recent release from the Railroad Retirement Board (RRB), Railroad retirement benefits are subject to reduction if an employee with less than 30 years of service retires before attaining full retirement age. While employees with less than 30 years of service may still retire at age 62, the age at which full retirement benefits

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  • Railroad Retirement April 20, 2016

    RRB Announces Change in Service Hours for Field Offices

    A recent letter sent from TCU President Bob Scardelletti spells out the April 2016 announcement from the U.S. Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) regarding changes in their local Board field office hours. As a result of workforce reductions and increased workloads in several key areas, beginning June 1, 2016, the Board’s 53 field offices nationwide will

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