RRB Release – Deemed Service Month Credits

In a recent release from the Railroad Retirement Board (RRB): Railroad Retirement benefits are based on months of service and earnings credits. Earnings are creditable up to certain annual maximums on the amount of compensation subject to railroad retirement taxes.

Credit for a month of railroad service is earned for every month in which an employee had some compensated service for an employer covered by the Railroad Retirement Act, even if only one day’s service is performed in the month. (Local lodge compensation is disregarded for any calendar month in which it is less than $25. However, work by a local lodge or division secretary collecting insurance premiums, regardless of the amount of salary, is creditable railroad work.) Also, under certain circumstances, additional service months may be deemed in some cases where an employee does not actually work in every month of the year.

The RRB has released a questions and answers that describes the conditions under which an employee may receive additional railroad retirement service month credits under the deeming provisions of the Railroad Retirement Act.

Click here to red the full release from the RRB.

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