Changes Sought Would Bankrupt Railroad Retirement Trust Fund

Over the past year, an organization calling themselves the Rail Workers United (RWU) has distributed false information to TCU and other rail union members, advocating unaffordable benefit changes to Railroad Retirement that would bankrupt the Railroad Retirement Trust Fund.

The RWU’s proposed changes would not benefit current retirees and only assist those seeking retirement in the near future. In the process, they would jeopardize current retirees’ benefits, and undermine the future benefits of members who deserve to have our retirement system viable for many decades to come.

TCU does not recognize Rail Workers United as a legitimate organization representing rail workers.  The representatives of rail workers are the unions certified to do so under the laws of our nation.  

TCU will not put at risk the hard-won benefits of our current and future retirees with respect to proposing any changes in Railroad Retirement benefits.

Click here to read a letter from TCU President Bob Scardelletti regarding the false information campaign being run by RWU.

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