RRB Announces the Retirement of V.M. Speakman

The Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) announced the retirement of V.M. Speakman.  V. M. Speakman Jr. was appointed Labor Member of the Board by President George H.W. Bush in 1992 upon the recommendation of the Railway Labor Executives’ Association (RLEA). The agency’s longest-serving Labor Member, he was reappointed to additional terms of office by President Clinton in 1995 and 2000, and was reappointed to a fourth term by President Bush in 2007.

“Brother Speakman  is a strong advocate for rail labor and TCU,”  said TCU President Bob Scardelletti. “His strength and leadership have been invaluable and everyone at TCU wishes him the best in whatever endeavors he pursues.”

Click here to read the bio of V.M. Speakman from the RRB.

Click here to view the official retirement release from the RRB.

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