A Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Message from the IAM Air Transport Territory

Dear IAM Air Transport Territory Family,

This weekend, we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King’s tireless commitment to fighting for the rights of working people. He remains an inspiration to our nation as we continue to strive for justice and freedom for all.

In an era where new challenges arise every day, we must remain firm in our conviction to protect every individual’s rights and ensure that no one is overlooked or marginalized.

Dr. King’s vision for a just and equitable society is one that the IAM fully embraces. This vision includes securing robust contracts and organizing workers where needed, such as at Delta Air Lines, so that they can receive a fair share for their hard work and dedication.

The IAM stands shoulder to shoulder with Dr. King’s ideals and is committed to working tirelessly toward their realization.

Let’s remember that you are a part of a historic movement that recognizes the dignity of all workers. You have the right to a safe and healthy work environment and to be heard, regardless of your occupation or identity.

Together, let’s walk in Dr. King’s footsteps and make a powerful impact on the journey towards a more just society.


Richie Johnsen
IAM Air Transport Territory General Vice President

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