IAM Calls for Tighter Regulation of Aircraft Repair Stations

“IAM-represented aircraft mechanics have set the gold standard in aircraft maintenance. They ensure the airworthiness of aircraft and enable people to travel the world safely,” said Pantoja. “This standard is at risk as the outsourcing of critical safety-sensitive aircraft repairs has become the operating norm in an environment where air carriers ‘forum shop’ for cheap labor costs and lax regulations.”

For more than 25 years the IAM has been the leading critic of federal repair station regulations. Current regulations create risky incentives for US carriers to outsource aircraft maintenance to poorly regulated facilities abroad that do not meet the same rigid FAA safety requirements as do facilities in the United States. The poorly crafted regulations have resulted in the loss of thousands of highly skilled US mechanic jobs.

“It’s up to the FAA to close loopholes in air safety regulations that incentivize US airlines to outsource aircraft maintenance overseas,” said Pantoja. “We strongly urge the FAA to adopt the changes offered by the IAM.”

Click here to read the full text of the IAM’s comments.

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