IAM Employee Assistance Professional Team is Here for You
Dear Sisters and Brothers, 
We are experiencing unprecedented events due to the impact of the corona virus outbreak. We are hearing about the crisis from many sources of information. The information can be confusing and overwhelming and can have a profound effect on us individually. 
Your IAM Employee Assistance Professional (EAP) team is available to you and your family for support, resources and for someone to speak with confidentially. These are perilous times, and you may be experiencing anxiety and uncertainty as the situation evolves. You do not have to go through this alone – your IAM EAP team will speak with you confidentially and help you decide how to best face your individual situation. Your IAM EAP team can be found by accessing the respective IAM District Lodge web sites. 
We strongly recommend several strategies to help get through the next few weeks:
  • Depend upon reliable sources of information. Limit the sources of information to 2-4 dependable sites. Very good primary sources of information include:
  1. cdc.gov – Center for Disease Control (CDC) website;
  2. fsis.usda.gov – Your State health department web site (for a list of links to each state health department);
  3. Union Communications, for the latest news on how your union is fighting to protect you;
  4. Company e-mail, to stay on top of the rapidly changing situation at your employer.
  • Adhere to the “social distancing” mandate.
  • Do not completely isolate. While we are maintaining social distance, it is very important to communicate with loved ones and friends using other methods of communication, such as telephone, text, video chats and social media to stay in touch with your loved ones and friends. Your IAM EAP representative can also be a part of this..
  • Monitor alcohol and prescription drug use. Alcohol is a depressant and moderate to heavy use will contribute to worsening a situation. 
  • Take good care of yourself. Realizing when you are stressed, fearful or overwhelmed is the right time to reach out to your IAM EAP representative. We can help work through whatever issue you may be experiencing and find resources specific to your situation. We will stay with you throughout any issue until you feel confident it is resolved. 
We are resilient and strong – and we will weather these circumstances. Your IAM EAP team can help ease the way. We are a phone call away. 
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