IAM Flight Attendants Celebrate International Cabin Crew Day

IAM District 142 yesterday celebrated International Cabin Crew Day with IAM-represented Flight Attendants by thanking them for their vital role in keeping the skies safe and letting them know how truly appreciated they are.

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our Flight Attendant members at ExpressJet, Open Skies, and Commutair, along with all Flight Attendants across the world, for their hard work and dedication in doing such a great and important job,” said IAM District 142 President Dave Supplee. “Not only to Flight Attendants ensure the safety and security of every passenger who boards an aircraft, but they also protect their pilot colleagues.”

IAM representatives set up tables in crew lounges around the country and offered Flight Attendants Starbucks gift cards as a token of appreciation. In a show of support and unity, IAM-represented Flight Attendants even sought out Delta Flight Attendants and let them know the IAM appreciates the critical job they do every day and stands with the Delta Flight Attendants 100 percent as they continue their quest to gain IAM representation.

“Flight Attendants are truly the last line of defense and everyone who utilizes air transportation owes them a debt of gratitude,” continued Supplee.

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