IAM, Industry Leaders Unite for Safety

IAM District 141 this week held its annual Safety Conference in Las Vegas. The conference brings together union leaders and activists, airline representatives and workplace safety experts from around the nation to discuss workplace safety.

“Safety has improved, and will continue to improve,” President Mike Klemm said. “Obviously, our members coming home, and the company’s employees coming home, the same way they went to work, is crucial to both the company and the union. Until we arrive at the day where nobody is getting hurt on the job, we will always strive to improve safety.”

Throughout the conference, speakers repeatedly underscored the importance of front-line workers actively partnering with company-based safety teams. Union activists and leaders were quick to acknowledge the need for well-planned company-led safety programs and training, but insisted that these programs alone are not enough. Worker-led programs and front-line safety reporting are also needed.

District 141 President Mike Klemm praised these partnerships, citing programs such as the GSAP reporting system and the IAM safety tracking system as “Union Safe.”

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