IAM Sends Letter to DOT Secretary Urging the Implementation of Sections of FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018

IAM International President Bob Martinez, Jr. and Transportation General Vice President Sito Pantoja recently sent a letter to United States Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao respectfully urging her to swiftly implement Sections 551 and 335 of the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018.
Section 551 of the bill addresses the troubling rise in assaults directed at Customer Service Agents at our nations’s airports, and Section 335 of the bill requires a 10-hour minimum rest period for Flight Attendants between 14-hour duty periods.
“Across the country, Customer Service Agents are being assaulted by angry passengers on a daily basis. No one should be physically or verbally assaulted just because they showed up to work and performed their job,” said IP Martinez and GVP Pantoja. “Chronic fatigue among Flight Attendants is a serious issue in the commercial airline industry. Forcing Flight Attendants to work under these outdated rest rules is simply unacceptable. We respectfully ask the FAA to implement these rules without further delay.”
Click here to read the full letter.
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