IAM Sponsors Aviation High School Students in Maintenance Skills Competition

IAM District 142 recently sponsored six students and their instructors from New York’s Aviation High School to participate in the Aviation Maintenance Skills Competition. The competition was held during the MRO of Americas Convention, which was held at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Over 39 teams from seven different countries participated in the event. Teams from airlines, manufacturers and repair facilities, the military, foreign airlines, training facilities and even one from the space industry took part in the competition.

The students competed in various skills tests ranging from finding and repairing leaks in hydraulic tubing, testing pitot/static systems, troubleshooting electrical faults, removing and replacing sealant to fuel tanks and windshields, removing and replacing tires and brakes to troubleshooting a space fueling system. They also competed in weight and balance calculations, calibrated a fuel quantity system, replaced an engine valve and had to show their ability to safety-wire several different components.

Each team was given 15 minutes to complete each task. Once the task was completed, points were added for errors and the team with the lowest score won the competition.

“While the students didn’t place in the top three, they did come away with an invaluable experience,” said IAM District 142 President Dave Supplee. “Also, while attending the competition, they had an opportunity to visit many of the vendors on display and several of the students were able to schedule employment interviews while at the convention.

The Aviation High School seniors competed against students from 16 other post-secondary training schools. The New York seniors were the only high school students participating.

“We look forward to continuing this program in the future because it gives the students a real insight to what the work of an aircraft technician really is,” continued Supplee. “It gives the students the opportunity to meet mechanics and employers and create a path of employment when they graduate.”

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