IAM Supports Delta Flight Attendants

A few months ago, a dedicated team of Delta Flight Attendants initiated a true grass roots effort to join the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM).  Acting without IAM assistance, hundreds of Flight Attendant activists have collected thousands of signed cards requesting an election to choose IAM representation.

The Machinists Union itself has not actively engaged in any organizing effort for Delta Flight Attendants – until today.

The IAM will not ignore the thousands of Delta Flight Attendants who have already requested IAM representation. We fully support the efforts of your activist leaders and today we are proud to announce the official launch of an IAM organizing campaign.

We look forward to showing you how the IAM can improve your quality of life and your career at Delta Air Lines.  I urge you to talk to your flying partners about the benefits of IAM representation.

Please visit iamdelta.net for the latest campaign information and to sign up for email updates. The site also has an election authorization card for you to complete. Signing authorization cards is a necessary first step toward an election in which Delta Flight Attendants can then choose IAM representation. Delta Air Lines will never know who signs an election authorization card.

You can also call the IAM Delta Flight Attendant Hotline at 1-800-998-3554 to speak to an IAM Representative.

We are at a historic crossroads and your coworkers are offering you an opportunity for a better future with IAM. Together, we will help all Delta Flight Attendants enjoy a better quality of life – you deserve it!

Thank you for this opportunity to introduce you to our union.



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