Reminder: Transportation Conference is Only Three Days Away

The 2023 IAM North American Transportation Conference at the Caesars Palace Hotel in Las Vegas, NV, begins with registration this Sunday, April 2, and culminates Thursday, April 6. The conference will celebrate the accomplishments since the last conference while preparing for the challenges that lie ahead.

The conference will feature general sessions and evening events. It will also include committee meetings for Collective Bargaining, Organizing, Safety, Legislative/MNPL, and the Rail Division and Canadian Territory. It is a unique opportunity for members of these groups to share their experiences and develop strategies for future servicing, bargaining, and organizing.

“I have great appreciation and admiration for our members and guests who are participating in our Transportation Conference,” said IAM Air Transport Territory General Vice President Richie Johnsen. “Their hard work and resilience helped us overcome many obstacles to achieve industry-leading contracts and organizing wins. It is important for us to honor them and their families with a conference they will never forget. I look forward to seeing and talking with everyone soon.”

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