TWU-IAM Association Negotiating Committees Continue Reconciliation Process in Chicago

As we continue to prepare for negotiations, your committee met for two weeks in Chicago from July 26th through August 7th. We continued the reconciliation process and began writing new language in preparations for the upcoming joint contract negotiations. We have made great progress, as we addressed some of the most challenging Articles. However, there is still much more to be done.

There are many differences between the two pre-merger contracts and we will continue to work to build a joint agreement that recognizes the past sacrifices of our members, which has allowed American Airlines to post their largest profits in industry history.

We have started and will continue to bring in subject matter experts to help draft specific language for individual work groups as needed.

We have dates scheduled in Dallas-Fort Worth from August 31st through September 4th to continue this process.

We appreciate your continued support during this monumental process.


Mechanic and Related/Stores Negotiations Committee:

Jason Best

Mike Bush

Ken Coley

John Coveny

Dale Danker

Mark Huffman

Bennie Martino

Gary Peterson

Larry Pike

Sean Ryan

Jay Sleeman

Mark Strength

Fleet Service Update:

Your Fleet Service Negotiating Committee met over the last two weeks in Chicago to continue the reconciliation of our contracts in preparation for our upcoming negotiations with American.

This is a tedious but necessary process as we decide which language to keep, remove or enhance while writing new proposal language for the joint collective bargaining agreement.

We have been working together for the last two weeks and it has been a very successful endeavor. The team has become a cohesive unit with one goal: to provide you with the best contract in the airline industry.

We have future meetings in Dallas-Fort Worth and will inform the membership of the dates when the schedule is finalized.

We look forward to a bright future for the TWU-IAM Association and we appreciate your support during this critical process.


Fleet Service Negotiations Committee:

Mark Baskett

Mike Fairbanks

Pete Hogan

Tim Hughes

Mike Mayes

Steve Miller

Brian Oyer

Pat Rezler

Art Risley

Andre Sutton

Rodney Walker

Bill Wilson

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