TWU-IAM Association Schedules New Meetings: Reconciliation Process Continues

In continuing the process to initiate joint contract bargaining with American Airlines, your TWU-IAM Association Negotiating Committees have scheduled meetings the weeks of July 27th and August 3rd in Chicago, Illinois.

The Negotiating Committees will continue the “reconciliation process.” “Reconciliation” simply means that the committees examine contractual language—article by article—analyze the provisions and identify the best aspects of each collective bargaining agreement. Your negotiators will then “reconcile” the language of each existing contract and compose new provisions for the joint agreement that reflect membership proposals.

This important work will build on the substantial progress made at the Winpisinger Center last week.

We thank you for the continued support and solidarity, and are anxious to get to the table with American Airlines to secure the contracts that TWU-IAM Association members rightfully deserve.


Mechanic and Related/Stores Negotiations Committee:

Jason Best

Mike Bush

Ken Coley

John Coveny

Dale Danker

Mark Huffman

Bennie Martino

Gary Peterson

Larry Pike

Sean Ryan

Jay Sleeman

Mark Strength

Fleet Service Negotiations Committee:

Mark Baskett

Mike Fairbanks

Pete Hogan

Tim Hughes

Mike Mayes

Steve Miller

Brian Oyer

Pat Rezler

Art Risley

Andre Sutton

Rodney Walker

Bill Wilson

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