United Airlines Maintenance Instructors Vote IAM

“We are honored that the Maintenance Instructors voted for IAM representation” said General Vice President Sito Pantoja. “We welcome the pre-merger Continental Maintenance Instructors into our great union and we thank our pre-merger United members for their continued support.”

The NMB authorized the election in May due to the merger of Continental, Continental Micronesia and United Airlines. Prior to the tie-up, the pre-merger United Maintenance Instructors were represented by the IAM while their Continental counterparts were unrepresented.  

“Now that this election is over, we can move forward and negotiate a single contract covering all Maintenance Instructors at United Airlines” said District 141 President and Directing General Chairman Rich Delaney. “We will now include our pre-merger Continental members into the collective bargaining process and work toward our goal of securing a contract that is fair and recognizes the professionalism of the Maintenance Instructors at United Airlines.”

The IAM represents approximately 31,500 employees at the combined airline.

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