URGENT: Tell Congress That Airlines Receiving Federal Aid Should Not Cut Pay or Benefits

Despite the language in the CARES Act requiring that air carriers maintain pay and benefits or else be disqualified from financial assistance, a number of air carriers in this country have applied for and received grant funds from the U.S. government and ignored or circumvented the employment protections contained in the Act.
United Airlines recently announced a significant decrease in paid hours for tens of thousands of full time fleet and passenger service employees, which will amount to hundreds in lost wages each week and decreased retirement benefits. Delta Air Lines workers have seen their hours cut. At JetBlue Airways thousands of workers have been forced to take 24 days of unpaid leave –the equivalent of a 9% pay cut. And If something is not done soon, other carriers are bound to follow suit and we will have widespread wage and benefit cuts in the airline industry, despite billions in taxpayer-funded assistance.
Tell Congress that these carriers must keep their promise to maintain employment, pay and benefits, just as the law requires.
Here’s how you can take action now:
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