IAM Recognizes Top 2022 Organizers as Western Territory Earns Highest Honors

IAM International President Brian Bryant, the IAM Executive Council and IAM Organizing Director Mike Evans gave special recognition for organizing efforts that took place over 2022 with the fifth-annual Excellence in Organizing Awards to close the 2024 IAM International Staff Conference.

The IAM International President’s Excellence in Organizing Awards celebrates the most impressive organizers in the IAM for their work growing the union and bringing representation to workers in tough campaigns across the U.S. and Canada. Awards are given in recognition of the IAM’s top organizing territory, top individual organizer, top organizing district or local for each respective territory, and top individual organizer for each respective territory.

“Our growth isn’t just a number—it’s a testament to the resilience, dedication, and unity of our members and leadership in advocating for workers’ rights and better working conditions,” said Bryant. 

The Western Territory, led by General Vice President Gary R. Allen, won as the top organizing territory, and the Western Territory’s Rudy Rosas, District 725 Organizer, won as the top individual organizer.

“The Western Territory has been prioritizing growing our union in the IAM’s primary industries and new ones,” said Allen. “Our entire full-time staff worked incredibly hard to produce these numbers, bringing union representation to new members at major employers in the health care, aerospace and other industries. I am so proud of their dedication and excited to keep up this momentum in Western Territory organizing.”

The Western Territory successfully organized the most workers overall out of all the IAM’s territories with a total of 29 union elections victories. The Western Territory success in 2022 included 168 members at Accent Controls in California, 95 members at the University of New Mexico’s Sandoval Regional Medical Center, and 57 members at Cadence Aerospace in California.

“We spend time away from our families so that others can join our union and live a better life,” said Bryant. “That’s why it’s so important to recognize these organizers who go above and beyond to grow our union.”


2022 Top Organizing Territory
Western Territory

2022 Top Individual Organizer
Rudy Rosas, District 725 Organizer


Western Territory

Top District: District 725
District 725 led the territory in organizing for the year 2022 with six wins and three voluntary recognitions for a total of 269 new members. District 725 has led the Western Territory in Organizing for four of the previous five years.

Top Individual: Rudy Rosas, District 725 Organizer
Rosas, a San Diego native and U.S. Navy veteran, has been a member of District 725 since 2008. In September 2021, Rosas became an apprentice Organizer with the District and in 2022 he led a number of successful organizing campaigns including a win for 168 new workers at Accent Controls. Rosas is now a credentialed District Organizer and also is a member of the Spanish Leadership Working Group at the Winpisinger Center. 

Canadian Territory

Top District: District 11
Under Directing Business Representative Pierre Grenier’s guidance, District 11 has had success in organizing many new members and has many open campaigns with the potential for hundreds more. 

Top Individual: Kevin Timms, General Chair/Organizer for District 140
Timms works in the province of Alberta, which is not considered a labour-friendly province. However, Timms shows a great amount of determination and resilience in efforts to grow the IAM and his results in organizing are showing that. 

Eastern Territory

Top District: District 34
District 34 won an election late in 2022 of around 30 people to cap off a nice year. DL 34 was successful with internal organizing efforts on Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Not only did they add new members, but they also needed to fend off an onslaught of attacks by Penske. Their lawyer strategically planted seeds to start a decertification. Seven locations and about 110 members were attacked by their own company Penske. Directing Business Representative Scott Rich and his team beat back that decertification and showed Penske that IAM is here to stay.

Top Individual: David DiMaria, Grand Lodge Representative
David successfully organized the first-ever Apple Store. In addition to that, DiMaria organized the two private architectural firms in NYC. No private firms were unionized before. 

Air Transport Territory

Top District: District 142
District 142 over the last year has organized over 9,000 new members. Their drive and commitment to organizing and winning a successful campaign is something to be excited about for the future of the union. 

Top Individual: Rachel Arnold, Associate Organizer
When Arnold joined the Air Transport Territory in 2022 as an Associate Organizer, she hit the ground running. Her unwavering work ethic toward a successful organizing drive is unquestionably hard to beat. Snow, rain or shine you’ll find Arnold chasing down a potential member to educate them on the union membership difference and to get a signed authorization card. 

Southern Territory

Top District: District 776
District 776 continues to be a leader in Organizing not only in the Southern Territory but also in the IAM. In 2022 Directing Business Representative Paul Black continued to develop a culture of Organizing in his District that is consistent year-to-year, this model is an example for all to follow. District 776 is a great example of the commitment needed to organize the union into the future. 

Top Individual: Javier Almazan, Grand Lodge Representative
In 2022, Almazan led the Lufthansa Technik campaign to victory for 235 workers. This was a campaign started in 2017 that withstood two hurricanes, an earthquake, and a pandemic. The team consisted of many dedicated organizers Macario Camorlinga (retired), Ramon Garcia, Juan Negron, Mariaelena Fuentes, and Steven Avila. Almazan’s never-say-die attitude carried the campaign through to the end and was a victory for the many workers at Lufthansa Technik. 

Midwest Territory

Top District: District 9
IAM District 9 has consistently and aggressively led organizing efforts in a wide range of industries, including automotive. The District understands the significance of ensuring a brighter future for all workers and their families. They acknowledge that the union’s future hinges on this crucial goal and remain committed to organizing the St. Louis area. 

Top Individual: Anne Wiberg, District 10 Organizer
Wiberg is a ground-breaking advocate for workers whose passion is at the core of every organizing campaign she leads. She is a skilled organizer and a trailblazer who has successfully organized both traditional and nontraditional groups. With her innate talent and extensive experience as a union advocate, she can effectively engage with workers from all sectors, industries, and demographics. Wiberg has made a significant impact within the IAM. 

IAM Headquarters

Individual: Juan Eldridge, current Assistant Director of Organizing (Grand Lodge Representative in 2022)
In 2022, Eldridge successfully led three organizing campaigns to victory from a Veterans Affairs Medical Center for outpatient clinic, full of healthcare professionals that cover more than 10 counties in east Texas, including doctors, registered nurses, pharmacists, audiologists, licensed professional counselors, and licensed social workers, to Army Civilian Instructional Systems Specialists at the Directorate of Training and Doctrine (DOTD) for the Department of the Army at Fort Sill in Oklahoma, and lastly with an enormous push of internal organizing with NFFE-IAM in Louisiana and Oklahoma.

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