Territory ‘Hell Yes’ And Register To Vote



Register To Vote

The IAM wants to encourage all our members and friends to take part in the election process.  The rights that we currently enjoy are all dependant upon who is in office and supporting (or hindering) legislation that protects and improves the lives of workers.  Please make sure to register, study the issues and the candidates, then vote.  Talk to your neighbors about the issues that affect working families, and ask them to get out and vote also. 

Whether your major concern is health care (HMO”s, prescription coverage for retiree”s, patient”s bill of rights, etc.), Social Security (adjustment of the retirement age, protection of benefits, privatization, etc.),  education (vouchers giving public money to private schools, vocational programs, tax benefits for college tuition, etc.), the environment (clean water and air, global pollution standards, corporate responsibility for damages, etc.), jobs (liveable wage, the right to organize and collectively bargain, OSHA protections, etc.) or anything else, make sure you vote.


Make a difference. Be a voter. It’s easy as 1-2-3! 

Using the links above:

1. Find your state and enter the information.
2. Print your voter registration application.
3. Mail your voter registration application.


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