Texas Machinists Protest Mexico Outsourcing Group

Southern Territory GVP Bob Martinez, second from left, led a protest march in Dallas, TX against MexicoNow, an outsourcing group seeking to persuade U.S. firms to establish operations in Mexico.

In Dallas, TX, this week, District 776 organized a group of union members to protest an outsourcing symposium held by MexicoNow, a company seeking to persuade U.S. manufacturers to move work and jobs to Mexico.

A well written article about the protest by Fort Worth Star-Telegram reporter Bob Cox included a blunt description of the group’s message for U.S. corporations: “We’re trying to make them move, establish here,” said MexicoNow spokeswoman Carolina Mares, adding, “It’s cheaper here.”

The Texas AFL-CIO, UFCW and Musicians Union joined the IAM for the protest. “I don’t see why organizations such as this can come in to get companies to move our jobs,” said IAM Local 2768 member Dwala Turner, who was laid off in February after her job at BAE in Dallas was outsourced to Mexico. “I was always told if you work hard, you can make it in America. You can’t anymore. There aren’t any jobs.”

The protest in Dallas follows an attempted foray by MexicoNow into Wichita, which was cancelled after IAM members there rallied public support against the outsourcing event. “Wherever this organization raises their head, the Machinists will be there,” promised Southern Territory GVP Bob Martinez.

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