Texas URS Workers Complete WWW Negotiation Prep Class

William W. Winpisinger (WWW) Center Director Chris Wagoner, left, plays the part of management in a mock negotiation with the URS at Red River Army Depot Negotiating Committee, as part of the WWW Negotiations Preparations course in Southern Maryland.

The newly-elected Negotiating Committee at URS at Red River Army Depot outside of Texarkana, TX attended the Negotiations Preparations training at the William W. Winpisinger Center (WWW) in Hollywood, MD in preparation for upcoming negotiations.

Over 1,000 workers at URS voted in October to join the IAM and District W2, and negotiations are planned for early next year.

“Because the workers are new to union negotiations, the training for negotiators at the Winpisinger Center are critical,” said IAM Aerospace Coordinator Jody Bennett. “This gives the committee the knowledge and skills required at the table.”

Negotiators are trained in drafting contract language, communications, strategic planning, legal issues and several other areas. The training culminates in an all-too-real mock negotiation, using real issues the committee will bring to the table, with WWW staff playing the part of company negotiators.

“Our training at this facility was very eye opening and educational,” said Negotiation Committee member Christi Grizzle.  “It was a unique opportunity to learn the language and process of union negotiating and how to better serve our bargaining unit.”

“The negotiations training provided by the Winpisinger Center is unique in the labor movement,” said IAM Southern Territory General Vice President Mark Blondin. “It increases the capabilities of our negotiators to get strong IAM contracts. We’re looking forward to building a strong local lodge at Red River with better pay and benefits for our members.”

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