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Winning the Governor’s Office is the first step towards more effective job creation, more secure retirement benefits, less expensive health care premiums and more expansive education opportunities for our members and their children.  That’s why we are focusing our attention on a dozen gubernatorial races across the country. 

Republican Candidate Rick Perry Website

Positions on issues of importance for IAM Members and working families from the Gubernatorial Candidates appear below.



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Texas Gubernatorial Candidate Chris Bell On the Issues:

• Chris Bell says his economic development plan is to invest in Texas by investing in the people. He says he wants Texas to waste less money on corporate subsidies and invest more money in classrooms.
• Bell says Texas need to invest money into the Skills Development Fund, a state-funded workforce training program credited with creating jobs, upgrading worker skills and growing the economy.

• Chris Bell has said Texas needs a top-to-bottom bipartisan review of our education system. He suggests a Bipartisan Commission on Public Education that will bring all sides to the table to seek real solutions. Chris Bell has also said Texas needs to work harder to recruit and retain committed, talented educators


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