The Summer 2020 IAM Journal is Here

The IAM Communication Department is proud to announce the release of the Summer 2020 IAM Journal. Along with a print copy arriving in members’ mailboxes in the next few weeks, the IAM Journal now has a new dynamic website to showcase Machinists Union members and the amazing work they do, especially during these difficult times.

This edition is a collaboration of inspiring and compelling stories of IAM members across North America who are going to extraordinary lengths to help others during a global pandemic. Their stories are exceptional, inspiring and uplifting. Everything you would expect from Machinists Union members.

Here are the articles you will find in the Summer 2020 IAM Journal:

  • A Message from International President Robert Martinez Jr.
  • For a Greater Good – Members of IAM Badger Lodge 1406 put the needs of the world ahead of their own, working tirelessly to produce life-saving ventilators amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Keeping America Rolling – Even with most of the world shut down, essential workers still need transportation and supplies. TCU-IAM members all across the country are ensuring that can safely happen.
  • On the Job to Protect Our Essential Machinists – Many things have changed during this crisis. One thing that hasn’t is the need to fight for workers. The IAM has found unique ways to negotiate and work with employers to make sure members are protected and compensated fairly for their work.
  • Faces of the Frontlines – IAM members all across North America are still on the job, working hard and taking care of others. Read, in their own words, what they are doing and how they are coping during these difficult times.
  • Driving to Save Lives – Just as people were adjusting to the new ‘gig economy,’ along comes a world pandemic to turn it all upside down. The Independent Drivers Guild, an affiliate of the IAM, is shifting gears to protect and assist app-based drivers in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.
  • Air Capital of the World Steps Up in Pandemic Fight – Members of IAM District 70 are used to building some of the world’s best aircraft. When COVID-19 hit, these highly skilled members stepped up and started producing much-needed PPE.
  • Rising to the Challenges of Coronavirus – Even during these unprecedented times, the need for travel still exists. IAM members in the transportation industry are on the job, and as always, putting the safety of travelers first.

You can view the full online version here.

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