This is the Best Place to See Adorable IAM Guide Dogs

The Guide Dogs of America Instagram account highlights the guide dog training process.

We love puppies. Especially when they’re part of the IAM family.

Guide Dogs of America (GDA), the IAM’s favorite charity, has been providing professionally trained guide dogs, and instruction in their use, free of charge, since 1948.

Now, there’s a better way than ever to keep up with GDA pups: @GuideDogsGDA on Instagram. You don’t need an Instagram account to see the photos.

GDA uses the social network to highlight the guide dog training process and the close relationships guide dogs have with their owners. Some guide dogs even have their own Instagram accounts. Check out @kayden_and_shuli_squared, @winnieswags, @guidedog_blythe, @guidedogjack and @raisingsummit.

IAM members from across the U.S. and Canada devote countless hours fundraising for GDA every year. It costs approximately $42,000 to train one guide dog.

GET INVOLVED: Attend the 35th Annual William W. Winpisinger GDA Charity Banquet in Las Vegas on November 21.

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