Toronto Airport Screeners Win IAM Representation

“This is a significant organizing victory for the airport security screeners at Pearson Airport,” declared Canadian GVP Dave Ritchie in response to news that the Machinists were victorious in a Canadian Industrial Relations Board authorized vote to determine representation for 1,624 airport screeners at Toronto’s Pearson Airport. “We are now representing more airport security screeners than anyone else in Canada.”

“We are simply ecstatic with the outcome,” said District 140 Organizer Ian Morland. “I can’t thank our organizing committee enough for the hard work they put into this year-long campaign. Now these workers have a union that will represent their concerns and be their voice in dealing with the employer. They came to us for quality representation and we intend to deliver it to them.”

The IAM also represents more than 1,200 airport security screeners in British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

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