Toronto Local 2921 Preps for Garda Contract Talks

Local 2921’s Negotiating Committee recently came to the William W. Winpisinger Center in Hollywood, MD to prepare for upcoming contract talks with Garda. Front row, from left: Yama Hamad Hussain Toki, Trustee; and Nayfe “Nina” Abou-Daya, Steward. Second row: Colin Husbands, Steward; Hassan Abukar Jama, Trustee; Caterina Barone, Recording Secretary; Noureddine Tarrabou, Vice President; and Duane Andrews. Third row: Barry Barnett, General Chairperson;  Ron Fontaine, Grand Lodge Representative; Sasha Sukunda, Chief Steward. Not pictured: Ghazala “Gigi” Najam, Chief Steward.

The Negotiating Committee for Local 2921 recently met at the William W. Winpisinger Center in Southern Maryland to prepare for upcoming negotiations with Garda, a service provider that has a contract with the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA).

Local 2921 represents 1,700 pre-board screeners at three international air terminals in Toronto.

“We are in a unique position,” said Grand Lodge Representative Ron Fontaine. “Although our members receive their pay checks and work direction from Garda, there is always CATSA lurking over their shoulders. The week-long negotiations preparation class gave the committee a taste of what real bargaining is like. They learned about the labor law, proposal analysis and collective bargaining tactics. They are now better prepared to represent the membership.”

The Committee spent the week discussing, planning and building negotiation strategies for upcoming bargaining.

“I know the long hours they put into their plan for the simulation bargaining will be a benefit for when we begin negotiations with the company,” said General Chairperson Barry Barnett.

“Educator Rhonda Rogers filled the role as the company representative, and was well prepared to battle the issues the committee brought to her in the simulated bargaining,” said GLR Fontaine. “She also brought a few issues the company may well bring to the table in our upcoming negotiations.”

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