Transfer with the IAM Discount College Benefit!

The IAM Discount College Benefit is here to help you and your family complete your degree with ease and affordability.

Deep Tuition Discounts For Union Members & Family: Enjoy significant savings for you and your family members when you transfer to one of the network schools. We understand the financial strain of transferring, which is why this program is committed to making education accessible and affordable for everyone.

Streamlined Credit Transfer: Our program prioritizes your academic progress. Transfer your credits and continue your educational journey without any setbacks. Our smooth credit transfer process ensures your hard work is recognized and honored. The IAM Discount College Benefit also offers more than 150+ degree and certificate programs.

Online and Flexible Learning Options: Whether you prefer the convenience of online learning or need flexibility in your schedule, the IAM Discount College Benefit has you covered. Choose from a variety of online courses and flexible learning options that fit your lifestyle and academic needs.

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