Transportation Secretary Continues Pressure on Amtrak

Transportation Secretary Continues Pressure on Amtrak

In a letter sent to David Gunn Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta instructs Amtrak President to immediately implement cost-cutting measures. Undoubtedly the first place Amtrak will cut is by abolishing jobs and not filling vacancies. Once again the Amtrak workers will be adversely affected by the Bush Administration’s continued attempt to cripple and destroy Amtrak.

Mineta tells Gunn, “Management of Amtrak’s FY 2005 budget must be based on existing revenue streams and not on hopes for yet another taxpayer bailout.” TCU President Bob Scardelletti in reacting to this outrageous statement said, “Secretary Mineta’s statement is unconscionable when people know that Amtrak’s money problems have historically been due to the government’s unwillingness to adequately fund Amtrak.”

President Scardelletti reaffirmed TCU’s support for full funding for Amtrak and our commitment to defeat the Bush Administration in this fight for our members working for Amtrak and all other Amtrak workers and their families. (Click here to read Mineta’s letter)

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