UCubed asks, ‘Which side are you on?’

In a message broadcast to activists and allies, the Union of Unemployed, or UCubed, measures the proposed tax cut for millionaires against what it could mean for America’s unemployed.

“Right now, Republicans in Congress want to extend the $50,000 Bush tax cut for each millionaire. That tax cut equals one week of extended unemployment benefits for 172 jobless Americans. And that’s a travesty,” said UCubed’s Acting Executive Director Rick Sloan.

“On Wall Street, this is the season of bonuses. The bankers, brokers and hedge fund operators who triggered this Grave Recession face a difficult choice – more diamonds for my trophy wife or a new Porsche for me? And they are lobbying furiously to get their glittering gifts wrapped up before this Congress goes home.

“For the jobless, this is the season of desperation. With their unemployment benefits exhausted or expired, they must choose between gas or electricity, food or medicine, rent or insurance. Their reality is much harsher – living day-to-day with less and less. And all that stands between them and destitution are folks like you,” said Sloan.

“So which side are you on? — 172 jobless Americans or one millionaire?”

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