UCubed Cites Geithner Policies for Midterm Election Results

The Ur Union of Unemployed (UCubed) today pointed to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner’s economic policies as a major driver for the defeats suffered by Democrats in the midterm elections.

“Secretary Tim Geithner deserves the lion’s share of the blame for massive Democratic losses in the midterm elections,” said UCubed Acting Executive Director Rick Sloan. “His put-the-financiers-first policies failed, dismally. They failed to create enough GDP growth to stimulate job creation, and compounded the anxieties felt by the unemployed, home owners and small businesses.

“While some races still remain undecided, at least seven United States Senators, 61 U. S Representatives and 10 governors – all Democrats – now join the 31 million Americans idled by this Grave Recession. If not asked to resign soon, Geithner could add a sitting President of the United States to his tally in 2012.

“Tomorrow’s unemployment numbers – good, bad or indifferent – will only underscore the risk President Barack Obama runs by letting Tim Geithner remain at Treasury. Only by adding 450,000 jobs per month, every month for the next two years, can  America replace the 11 million jobs lost in this Grave Recession. Since Secretary Geithner has no plan to achieve that level of sustained job growth, his tenure at Treasury should be terminated. 

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