UCubed Continues Fight for Jobless America

Ur Union of Unemployed (UCubed) vows to keep fighting in the wake of Tuesday’s disappointing midterm election results. Extended unemployment benefits and a Tier V for 99ers will be top priorities in the upcoming lame duck session.

Now that the elections are over, Congress only has one week and a few voting days to extend unemployment benefits for millions of jobless Americans whose benefits are scheduled to expire November 30th. If benefits are left to run out, an estimated 1.2 million workers will be affected each month!

But no one knows the plight of the jobless more than America’s “99ers” – folks who have exhausted their 99 weeks of benefits. They are the hardest hit in this Great Recession as they were the first ones in. Now for more than two years, they’ve searched for work that simply does not exist. Passage of The Americans Want to Work Act will enable 99ers to receive much-needed financial assistance through the creation of a Tier V in the unemployment insurance benefits system.

Don’t let Congress get away with abandoning millions of unemployed Americans. Legislation to extend unemployment benefits and to create a Tier V for 99ers must be passed immediately. By January, a new Congress will be sworn in and all efforts at helping the jobless will be far tougher than the three filibusters unemployed Americans were forced to endure this past year.

Take action now. Tell Congress to extend unemployment benefits and pass The Americans Want to Work Act today!

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