UCubed Demands Public Sector Job Action

“When the private sector can’t or won’t add to their payrolls, it is time for the government to start hiring,” said Union of Unemployed Acting Executive Director Rick Sloan, in response to the most recent unemployment numbers. “The Works Progress Administration and the Civilian Conservations Corps are just two examples of what could be done right now to put America back to work.”

According to figures released last week by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the private sector added a mere 83,000 jobs last month. The previous month’s report showed the private sector adding a meager 41,000 jobs.

“Clearly, this is not good enough,” said Sloan. “To reach full employment, the private sector would have to add over 400,000 jobs each month, for the next five years. And the private sector is simply incapable of doing that right now.”

In addition to promoting public sector job creation tactics employed during the New Deal, Union of Unemployed activists have created “Hire US, America,” a 21-point plan that includes an immediate extension of unemployment insurance and a national industrial policy to revive the nation’s manufacturing base.

“Hire US, America is the clarion call of the jobless,” said Sloan. “It was developed by unemployed workers and it is high time for America’s leaders to hear that call.”

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