UCubed Launches ‘Exit Left Ahead’ Campaign

exit left ucubed final

The Union of Unemployed(UCubed) launched a new Facebook campaign to encourage its 132,000 Facebook fans – and their 35 million friends – to urge Congress to vote against austerity measures being proposed by the GOP.

“Exit Left Ahead” declares the country is at a fork in the road. Congress has until the end of the year to make some important decisions regarding high-stakes tax and spending policies which include sequestration, extended unemployment benefits, the payroll tax cut and the child tax credit.

“The old threats to jobless Americans – indifference from policy elites, invisibility to the chattering class and insults from politicians – have not gone away,” said UCubed Executive Director Rick Sloan in a message to UCubed Facebook fans. “But your reach via Facebook and your power to influence events has changed enormously. Up ahead the road divides. The hue and cry for austerity leads to a dead end. Only by turning towards prosperity can we create more jobs, millions of new jobs. So exit left with us.”

“Exit Left Ahead” comes on the heels of UCubed’s successful, unprecedented BEE MAD @ THE GOP campaign, which encouraged jobless households to take part in the 2012 election. BEE MAD @ THE GOP reached more than 70 million users over the course of 15 weeks. Its videos received more than 4 million downloads.

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