UCubed Map Shows Broad GOP Attack on Jobless

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UCubed is calling on Republican governors and state legislatures to cease their attacks on the unemployed and focus on creating the jobs their states and citizens so desperately need.

As part of the latest installment of UCubed’s ad campaign on Facebook, meant to bring attention to the current jobs crisis, UCubed has put together a map outlining which states are currently pushing legislation aimed at punishing the unemployed – rather than putting their out-of-work citizens back to work.

“Seems like there’s no better time to kick the jobless than when they’re down,” said UCubed Executive Director Rick Sloan. “In Michigan, Ohio, Texas, Florida and more than a dozen other states, GOP governors and lawmakers are doing exactly that – proposing bills to drug test the unemployed, cut unemployment benefits, reduce the amount of weeks the jobless can collect benefits, etc.”

“This is a concerted attack by GOP office holders to balance their state budgets on the backs of the jobless. And we’ve had enough. Today UCubed job activists demand their state leaders drop their attacks – or prepare for the unemployed to settle the score in 2012.”

See UCubed’s ad campaign on Facebook.

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