UCubed Message Gains Traction


With a new video, editorial and a growing list of partners, the IAM community service project known as Ur Union of Unemployed, nicknamed UCubed, is beginning to resonate among labor organizations and unemployed workers, who have created more than 40 individual “cubes” to share their experiences and gain the benefits of collective action.

Using social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter, the word about UCubed is spreading from city to city, worker to worker and from organization to organization. The AFL-CIO has joined the effort as a supporting partner, as have AFSCME, AFT, NEA, IUPAT, CWA and others. For more information about joining the partnership, contact UCubed@iamaw.org.

International President Tom Buffenbarger recently described what led to the creation of an organization that focused exclusively on organizing and assisting the millions of unemployed and underemployed Americans. “We have to do something, and if the government can’t hear the cries and anguish of American workers, then we need to magnify that voice,” said Buffenbarger. “This is where we hope UCubed will be our avenue.”

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