UCubed Nominated for Award

UCubed, the IAM Community Service project designed to help 30 million unemployed and underemployed Americans, has been nominated for a Shorty Award.

The Shorty Awards honor the best people and organizations on Twitter and other social media. Nominations made through Twitter and the award website culminates in an awards ceremony that recognizes winners in dozens of official categories, as well as thousands of crowd-sourced categories.

Specials thanks to photographer and anti-hunger advocate Kim Doyle Wille for nominating UCubed under the Best in Social Enterprise category, known as “socent.” Doyle Wille says she nominated UCubed for its great work on behalf of America’s 99ers, Tier V and the unemployed.

To vote for UCubed, tweet the following sentence:

I nominate @U_Cubed for a Shorty Award in #socent because… (add reason here)

Be as creative as you want with the reason. Please note, your vote only counts once. And, a tweet that does not give a reason will not be counted. For more information on how the Shorty Awards work, click here.

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