UCubed Passes 25,000 Mark

Ur Union of Unemployed, UCubed, announces its number has grown to 25,000-plus activists, leaders and fans since its inception in January of last year. One reason for its popularity is that UCubed provides a forum for unemployed people to connect with one another, helping to diminish the feeling of isolation that comes with being unemployed.

UCubed wants to keep expanding its numbers so that the collective voice of the unemployed will be heard loud and clear on Capitol Hill and in the White House. UCubed has been active in rallying support online for legislation, such as an increase in food stamp benefits and a new jobs bill.

“The maxim ‘there is strength in numbers’ is true,” said UCubed Executive Director Rick Sloan. “I know how powerfully persuasive Americans united in a righteous cause can be.”

Leading up to the 2012 elections, UCubed will be actively seeking those candidates who are truly committed to getting the unemployed back to work; who are truly committed to creating jobs in America.

“Just think of the massive echo chamber we can create in the weeks leading up to the presidential and congressional elections next year,” added Sloan. “A simple message – ‘I want a job. I want to work. I want my life back. So I AM voting….’ will have an incredible impact. In little more than a year, we will use our combined strength to alter the political landscape.”

For more information or to join UCubed, go to www.unionofunemployed.com, or ‘like’ and join the conversation on UCubed’s Facebook page.

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