UCubed Reveals Worst States to be Unemployed In

UCubed released a second edition of its map outlining which states are currently pushing legislation aimed at punishing the unemployed. In addition to highlighting states like Indiana and New Mexico where state lawmakers want to reduce unemployment insurance benefits, subject the unemployed to drug tests, have refused to accept federal unemployment funds, etc., the map now shows exactly how many folks will be affected if the bills become law – a total of over 5.4 million.

“UCubed has counted 20 states where GOP lawmakers are pushing legislation to punish the jobless,” said UCubed Executive Director Rick Sloan. “Folks in Michigan, where 522,000 Americans are without work – one of the highest jobless rates in the nation – have already been burned after becoming the first state to cut unemployment insurance eligibility from 26 weeks to 20 weeks. Florida’s nearly one million unemployed are next. And so are 114,000 jobless in Arkansas. Republican lawmakers in these states are jumping at the chance to screw over some of their most vulnerable citizens.

“State leaders should be focusing on putting those 5.4 million Americans back to work.

“UCubed renews its call for policymakers to either focus on jobs or prepare to join the ranks of the jobless in 2012.”

Take action by sending your state legislature and governor a letter demanding they cease their attacks on America’s unemployed today.

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