UCubed Targets Wall Street in ‘The Game’

The Union of Unemployed (UCubed) is drawing renewed attention to the economic crisis with the release of a new online video entitled The Game.

With dramatic images and audio, The Game calls on large corporations to pay their fair share of taxes in order to fund an American jobs recovery.

“Wall Street robber barons have declared war on American workers,” declares the ad’s narrator. “They close our plants. Ship our jobs overseas. Steal our pensions. Then laugh all the way to their banks – the banks that we bailed out.”

The poignant video gives viewers a taste of the outrage, anger and frustrations felt by 29 million jobless Americans who wait for some measure of judgment on those responsible for the looting of the American economy.

“It’s time to make these tax-dodging crooks pay their fair share on all their income and corporate profits,” says the ad. “It’s time Wall Street paid its taxes to fund a real American Jobs recovery.”

“A 25 percent surtax on high-income Americans could fund a 21st-century Works Progress Administration (WPA) jobs program,” said Union of Unemployed Executive Director Rick Sloan. “It could put millions of jobless Americans back to work in just a few months.”

See UCubed’s new online video The Game.

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