Union Commitment to South Pays Off with Win at Volkswagen

The labor community has been standing with Volkswagen workers in Chattanooga, TN since the beginning. (Photo: United Auto Workers)

Following several years of fear-mongering and anti-union tactics by politicians and corporate cronies, workers in Chattanooga, TN can put one in the win column. A unit of skilled trade workers made an historic vote to be represented by the United Auto Workers (UAW) at the city’s Volkswagen (VW) assembly plant in December.

In February 2014 the VW plant seemed to be on track for UAW recognition for all hourly workers but Tennessee Republican Sen. Bob Corker threw a wrench into the works at the last minute. His statements, alleging that the company would announce an additional vehicle to their production line if workers voted against the union, undoubtedly swayed the vote and the UAW narrowly lost the election.

This most recent win sends a clear signal to workers, employers and politicians that union organizing in the South is alive and well.

The IAM, which was founded in Atlanta has never lost sight of its southern roots nor the hard-working men and women of the South. With members throughout 14 southern states and in a broad range of industries, the IAM Southern Territory has had continued success organizing new members across the region.

“We congratulate our new UAW brothers and sisters on their success,” said IAM Southern Territory General Vice President Mark Blondin. “This is another example of how the tenacity of the labor community is giving workers a voice in their workplace.”

With active campaigns at Boeing in South Carolina, Airbus in Alabama and numerous other communities from Texas to Florida, the IAM is committed to serving workers and their families, unionized or not.

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