Union Forces Gaining Ground in Ohio and Wisconsin

November is a busy month for pushing back state-level attacks on working families. In Ohio, voters will get the chance on November 8 to roll back GOP Governor Kasich’s union-busting bill known as Senate Bill 5. After the Republican-controlled legislature passed the bill by a single vote last March, volunteers launched a statewide campaign and gathered an astounding 1.3 million signatures that put SB 5 up to a referendum vote by Ohio citizens. Kasich’s attacks on working families have backfired. His approval rating has dropped to 46 percent, making him the most unpopular governor in the nation.

The Ohio ballot measure, called Issue 2, asks voters if SB 5 should be approved into law. Therefore, to repeal SB 5, voters should vote “no” on Issue 2.

Click here for more information on the ballot initiative to defeat SB 5.

In Wisconsin, the campaign to recall Governor Scott Walker will officially start on November 15 when volunteers will have to gather more than 540,000 signatures in 60 days to force a recall election. Walker has led efforts in Wisconsin to repeal collective bargaining rights for hundreds of thousands of public employees.

After supporters of working families successfully recalled two GOP state senators last summer, the GOP-controlled legislature responded by proposing roadblocks to further recalls including legislation to require petition signatures be notarized. When Walker was in the legislature in 1999, he voted for a measure that removed the notary requirement for petition signatures.

Click here for more information on the recall Walker effort.

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