Union of Unemployed Demands Real Solutions in Obama Jobs Speech

Union of Unemployed (UCubed) calls on the White House to deliver real, robust and immediate solutions to our nation’s jobs crisis in tonight’s presidential address on jobs.

“Tonight America’s jobless will be looking for one ray of hope,” said UCubed Executive Director Rick Sloan. “They’re desperate. They want to turn their lives around. They want to go back to work.

“If tonight’s speech offers them a ray of hope – a temporary job in the next few months, a training opportunity for six weeks or more, an extension of unemployment benefits – they will be grateful.

“If the speech focuses mostly on those with jobs – those who pay payroll taxes, teachers still in the classroom and businesses with lucrative contracts – the jobless will be bitterly disappointed.”

“America’s jobless are pragmatic,” said Sloan. “They will weigh the president’s words, Congressional reactions and media analyses. When they turn off their TV sets tonight, they will hold tight to that ray of hope. Or they will resolve to take matters into their own hands.”

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