Union of Unemployed Renews Call for Geithner Sacking

On the heels of last week’s anemic job figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Ur Union of Unemployed (UCubed) renewed its call that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner should be removed without delay.

“The latest unemployment numbers reveal that this Grave Recession is not ending anytime soon,” said Rick Sloan, Acting Executive Director of Ur Union of Unemployed. “America’s jobless need a Treasury Secretary who fights to create jobs rather than simply watching them disappear. It’s time for Geithner to go, voluntarily or involuntarily.”

In addition to the August jobless figures, a tally of all available data reveals that more than 31 million Americans are unemployed, working part-time involuntarily, looking but unable to find work, or no longer looking.

“Secretary Geithner’s response to last month’s jobless numbers was an editorial titled, ‘Welcome to the Recovery.’ His words stretched credulity then. Now, they undermine whatever credibility he retains,” said Sloan, who warned of the impact on upcoming elections.

“Secretary Geithner might have been the master of New York’s financial districts,” said Sloan. “But in the precincts that matter this year, he is the master of disaster. And Democratic incumbents will pay a heavy price for his failed policies and promises.”

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