Union Plus Delivers for IAM Members

Thanks to Union Plus, a program that provides consumer benefits to union members and their families, IAM Local 777 retiree Ira Perry received some much-needed help with his medical bills. Perry received a $1,000 Union SAFE Hospital Grant. Union SAFE grants were established to help union members and retirees facing financial hardship due to significant hospital expenses.

Marcello Gallelo of IAM District 15 was able to save a bit of cash after purchasing a new HVAC Service Contract. Gallelo received a $50 rebate after applying for the Union Plus Heating/Cooling Maintenance Rebate. Union Plus offers this rebate to Union Plus Credit Card holders in order to help lower energy costs, promote the use of union HVAC contractors and help union members save money.

Union Plus is able to offer these valuable, discounted products and services exclusively to working families through the collective buying power of unions. For more information on these and other Union Plus programs, visit www.UnionPlus.org.

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